Web Analytics Services

Bring additional insights in your website and even the success of digital marketing, which leads to more sales and a better ROI

With better analytics, what will you do?

If you have not set up accurate monitoring and target tracking, then you can not completely appreciate the effect of your website development or digital marketing programme.

Go further than a simple reporting of web traffic – grasp the complete funnel of lead sign-ups, purchases of eBooks, sales revenue, in-cart metrics, and much more.

Can you respond quickly:

  • Where are your users falling out of my bucket?
  • How do users access your website, and what are they searching for that they have not yet found?
  • How advertisement powered the lead that closed 3-months later for $1M of new business?
  • What is the consistency of the traffic source drive leads and which drives garbage leads?
  • How so many live chats, downloads of eBooks, sales samples, or registrations for a webinar did I get from each marketing channel last week?

Your digital marketing platform is flying blind if you don’t know what’s running or broken.

To decide the goals of your website and the most important steps you want users to take, the team at Marketing Maniac will collaborate with you. Then we’re going to do a detailed audit of any current analytics, then set up Google Tag Manager, Google Analytics, and a list of goals to track. We can produce a personalised Google Data Studio report with this in place, where you can not only test the results of your website but also marketing channel data such as costs, clicks and conversions and social media programme effectiveness.

web analytics services

Monitor the events that matter to your organisation and include a clear executive-level view of all the data sources. Since our dashboards are fully personalised, we can create them with anything you need and nothing you don’t need.

Available Web Analytics services

We can set you up to track and report on all significant events on your platform by our experienced web analytics team. We can monitor it and report on it in a sleek, interactive dashboard, whether it is sales, ebook downloads, webinar sign-ups, blog engagement, video views or something else.

Our offerings for web analytics include:


Analysis of any current analytics to find concerns or possibilities


Setup for Google Tag Manager


Install Analytics from Google


Build events for Google Tag Manager


Build a dashboard for reporting from Google Data Studio


Integrate with Google Data Studio data (i.e. Google Ads, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn)

Insights + Analytics

Tracking and monitoring won’t do you any good without actionable insights and suggestions. Therefore, we take the time for you to analyse the details and share a plan. So what insights from analytics would you expect?


Solve low conversion rates for landing pages


Enhancing bounce rates


Enable much of the content to be used by users


Render the checkout cart smarter and easier to use


Switch off poor sources of traffic and scale up channels


Load more of the converting ad viewers, and fewer of those who don’t


Make clear confusing components


For qualified leads, optimise (Avoid offering junk lead credit)


And way more than we could even start mentioning here…

Prepared to begin smarter marketing?

When your conversion rate reaches 100 percent, stop thinking about web analytics until then – monitoring important indicators and building on the insights will bring efficiency to all your digital marketing efforts. To develop a world-class analytics programme, Marketing Maniac is your partner. Take the first move with the call for strategy now.

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