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We help deliver SEO techniques that enable your website to get ranked among the top in organic searches, which will translate to a huge rise in the website’s qualitative and quantitative traffic.

Best SEO Services in India

Let’s just face that. You know what it takes, but you just don’t know how to make it happen. Our SEO specialists learn that from SEO consumers who approach Marketing Maniac over and again.

You are presumably here for one or more of the following reasons:

  • Your website has not been found online
  • Recently, the website traffic has decreased and you do not know why
  • Unexpectedly, the number of incoming calls and leads has dropped
  • You’re launching a new website and want to quickly scale up a new company
Best SEO services by Marketing Maniac

If either of these four problem areas sound familiar, be confident that you’ve come to the right SEO service.

How different are we?

Although digital has strengthened a lot, Marketing Maniac has kept three things totally constant: our consumers are always entrusted to direct them by a committed project manager, our contracts have always been short-term, encouraging customers to do what is right for their company, and we have always done our best to be open about our process while keeping customers up to date.

Search engine optimization services

Smarter Website structure

The layout of your website is highly critical to Google’s ranking algorithm. After all, if people didn’t discover what they were searching for when they searched Google, they would have stopped doing it years ago. Our experts will recognise the top searches in your industry and help you organise your website so that Google will find and select you when matching queries to results.

Search engine optimization services

better content

For the requests Google gets, your site needs to have replies, so you need good relevant content to create the domain authority that Google is looking for. In hundreds of company verticals, we collaborate closely with consumers to craft specific and detailed content that improves web traffic.

Search engine optimization services

Related Backlinks

We not only have an extensive network of relationships with sites with a high domain authority, but we are experts in creating new relationships. Your site becomes more noticeable and present on the web as these sites connect back to yours. This is a key factor in the ranking algorithm for Google.

Search engine optimization services

Improved usability

The pace of the website, the scale of the page, the way the site renders through multiple platforms, as well as a variety of intangible coded variables, all influence the position of the site by Google. Our validated approaches help you easily determine where you can enhance your site, both in the short term and in the long term.

Search engine optimization services

Local SEO Focused

Google acknowledges that local outcomes are based on such searches. Maniac Marketing knows this too. We know how to keep your SEO hyper-focused on unique nearby searches, whether your business is an HVAC firm, a hair salon or a restaurant, so you don’t waste your efforts or your cash.

Search engine optimization services

Higher Social Involvement

The popularity of your content is directly influenced by social signals from common networks such as Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn, indirectly affecting your Google search ranking. Marketing Maniac has been on the cutting side with developments in social media marketing. Marketing Maniac should be your first pick for SEO, with more expertise than any of our competitors.

Adaptable SEO approach by
Marketing Maniac

Your key move towards achieving digital success

The search ecosystem changes continuously. You need to invest in the right SEO services customised to the needs, expectations and target clients of your company to rate high on search engines. To keep a robust online presence, merely relying on old SEO strategies is not enough—you need to find a credible SEO provider which can bring your online presence steps towards improving.

The Marketing Maniac Internet Marketing Service is an SEO firm with a consumer focus. Our SEO professionals collaborate collaboratively with our customers to build customised SEO solutions that improve sustainability in the long term. We can produce high-quality, observable outcomes by using a tested, reliable and effective approach.

A method called “Adaptable SEO” is used by our SEO company, which enables us to create a robust campaign system that provides value for your business. The Adaptable SEO method of Marketing Maniac is constructed around the following processes:

MM Seo strategy chart


As measures of a website’s worth, search engines consider site speed, accessibility and web content. In branded and unbranded searches, SEO-optimized websites with a responsive web design increase ranking. With the aid of our WordPress website design service, you ensure your site adheres to the criteria for search engines and gets strong usability ratings.



Analysis is the next step, covering competitive benchmarking, in-depth site audit, review of site analytics and risk assessment of links. We collect and analyse all your business data at this stage to determine the variables that influence your digital presence. We look at your historical traffic patterns, technical problems on-site, backlink strategies for competitors and link building tactics. We use the findings of the study to devise the right solution for your SEO.



Our SEO experts will develop a strategic online marketing strategy once we have understood the marketing opportunities. This covers the goals of the initiative, projected results for each channel of promotion and approximate execution period. Our SEO services give attention to the most important facets of your SEO within the first month of your campaign. This is to ensure that all our SEO activities produce instant, tailored results.


We customise your web pages and blog posts with high-performing keywords in this process, strengthen the structure of your website and maintain your market listings. To maximise the overall SEO performance, our SEO services also leverages a multiple channel approach. To improve your online reach, we reach out to third-party websites.


We set up a monitoring system from the moment you sign up for our SEO services that helps us to track your online success and understand the effect of your SEO campaign. We track the analytics, keyword rankings and KPI and review them. Our SEO experts also look at the organic traffic, bounce rate, retention rate, click-through rates and local exposure. We gain actionable feedback and optimise your optimization techniques by tracking your SEO efforts.


To bring you up to date on your campaign success, our SEO team schedules, study sessions and monthly updates with your project managers. We will present a detailed report during our consultation that includes a summary of the success of your platform. This covers trends, average traffic, and rating for your KPI. We build a new 90-day plan every month, so you know specifically how your campaign is doing and what to assume.



We are constantly refining our optimization strategy based on the new algorithm changes and industry dynamics as part of our continuing SEO activities. Search engines are changing dynamically, and the demands of the market are constantly strengthening. We take a constructive approach to ensuring that the search results rate high on your website. Trust our SEO team to make the requisite changes and to always keep you aware of the success of your campaign.

Why is SEO a brilliant investment?

To provide full ROI, we practise what we say

For their buck, all top executives want more bang. Everyone needs increased profit margins. SEO saves cash for you. Take SEO as an individual: SEO never clocks out. SEO never phones in sick. SEO never takes a break. SEO works around the clock for you even while you sleep.

Yes, SEO isn’t going to answer the phone. It will leave the phone ringing, though. SEO will funnel consumers to your website and bring them in front of your company, goods or services.

Search engine optimization services

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